Sunday, September 15, 2013

February 12, 1935

Laramie, Wyoming
Feb. 12
Dear Fay:
The long-awaited (?) epistle has arrived!  Prompted by custom, I am also calling it a Valentine.  I hope that you see the point.  [Heart with arrow drawn]  I guess it would be better if I wrote some poetry for the occasion, so--
          Roses are ___________. (fill in your own color)
          Violets are blue, violet, purple.  (underline correct form)
          Sugar is Sweet
          And so are You !
That was so easy (and original) that I am tempted to try some more.  But I'll put it off to another day.  It reminds one of Goethe, Wordsworth, Milton, Shakespeare and some of the others tho, doesn't it?  The sentiment is good, too.
Well, I trust that you are in the best of health and so on.  Do you have the spring fever yet?  We all have it up here.  -- I am very sorry that you couldn't stay longer when I came to call, but you will forgive that, I am sure.  I have about a five day vacation at the end of the quarter.  I'll call you up as soon as I get in town (usually shortly after mid-night and make an appointment.  You know, -- for old times sake.
Say, in case you have read this far, I'd like you to do me a favor.  --It's this way, I am too lazy to write home (except for money), but I have some mid-quarter grades that they would like to hear about.  I figure it would save my time, money, and energy for you to waste enough time to call them up on the phone and tell them that for mid-quarter I received a 3 in German and a 1 in Ethics (philosophy).  That's a sweet girls!
I don't know the rest of my grades yet, but they have dropped from what they were last quarter because of my swimming and band work taking up so much time.  The 1 in Ethics came as a big surprise.
Everything up here is just as usual (including me and the weather).  You would probably recognize me if you met me on the street -- a bit thinner, perhaps, from worrying over studies and my Ogden loves.
How is Bill's love-affair coming along?  I hope they don't wear out the telephone before summer.
Well, when you are not sure of something, write me.  (That should be soon enough!)
Love and Kisses

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