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April 1, 1934

April 1, 1934

Dear Fay:

I started out by writing a letter to the folks. I was none too enthusiastic about writing it either. But as I am now warmed up to the job, I find myself hunting for people to send letters to. I happened to think of a nice girl that I know at home and here I am writing to you. So much for the excuse ----.

Having done nothing much during the elapsed interval since you last heard from me, I have nothing much to relate as to activities.  About the inactivities, however, much could be said. I do study some, though. My studies are not snap courses and they all require quite a bit of preparations. I have an eight o'clock class every morning but one, and my classes run through from then to six o'clock every day but Friday. Then (on Friday) I have the afternoon off except for a one hour class. I go to the open swimming periods two nights a week and that constitutes the greater part of my fun for the week. I have a lab all Sat. morning and I study on Sat. afternoon, but on Sunday I do Nothing (with a capital N.) The nothing includes baseball, walks, magazines, eating, sleeping, loafing, spreading the bull (a favorite pastime), going to shows, tennis and in the case of my roommates and me, chemical experiments.

I spend a good deal of time setting around and dreaming. I am especially good at that. I find myself with a book open and my eyes glued upon the spot where the little groups of letters tell me the value of the charge on an election and I find my thoughts in Ogden, or the Grand Tetons, or in sunny California. And there you are. I cannot help thinking what a bust of an electrical engineer I am likely to be.

Last night I was about to go out with the fellows to the the dance at the Moose Hall here. It is a terrible dance and everything there is soused. I probably would have been in that condition by the evening's end, but the drunks were even too drunk for me. I was disgusted, as was the majority of our party, and we went to a midnight show and had a lunch afterward at three o'clock. This morning I slept past the time for the Easter service, so I didn't go to church. I'm going to the dogs, Fay! One of my roommates who is taking the same kind of engineering that I am says that science can take the place of religion. I am beginning to believe the same. I can explain parts of the bible more satisfactorily, at least to myself, by use of analogies to the fourth dimension which proves nothing.

How are all of your love affairs coming along? You can confide in me. I surely hear plenty of them around this house. All kinds - good and bad. One of the boys has a book on love that is intended to leave nothing to the imagination. In that sense it succeeds rather well, but for that very reason is very far from being a work of art.

One of my letters is visible proof of the wanderings said to occur in the feeble mind, but having, as I stated in the beginning, very little importance to relate I am able to fall back upon the small details that ordinarily escape notice - and which are sometimes interesting. But as the hour grows late (it just struck nine) I fear that I must close.

Write and tell me all about every small detail as I have just done. Hold nothing back that isn't important. It is a great American custom - like dealing with the bottom of a cold deck.

Surprisingly enough, I will close without verbosity.

Lots of love,

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