Tuesday, October 2, 2012

March 20, 1934

(On University of Wyoming letterhead)

Dear Fay:

I had a terrible ride up here, and now that I am here, I wish that I was elsewhere.

Do you still believe that man is a terrible experiment? You must have been reading Macbeth the other night. There is a scene in that where the Lady wishes to lose all of the milk of human kindness, or that it would turn to gall, or something.

Before I got to register yesterday, the basketball team arrived home. We gave them a regular welcome. Two bands and the whole team and University turned out to give the boys a cheer.

I registered for 18 credit hours including two kinds of physics, chemistry, calculus and some other small stuff. There will be plenty of work to keep me busy for a quarter. My average for last quarter was only 2.6 - which is slightly above average. (It would correspond to a C+). I have done quite a bit of studying in th e last two days and I am now quite a bit ahead of the classes.

Maybe it won't impress you as being news, but I at last got to go swimming once more. My daily swim has become a daily habit with me. I surely missed it for the last two weeks. When I was home I told you, that I was on the swimming team. I didn't break any records in any of the meets, but I got so I could swim fairly well. And its good exercise of sumpthin.

I hope that you will excuse my having written you on both sides of the paper, which is, I understand, not good form. I was slightly too lazy to go back to my room for a fresh sheet. Will do better next time.

I am sorry for the way I have been to you for the last few vacations. I will try to make that up to you when I am home again. In the meantime - have a good time. I'll try not to speak in parables the next time we meet, but we got more to the foundation of things last night more than every before - at least I did. Maybe you already understand me. If so, congratulations. I don't understand myself. The more I try, the worse it gets.

Well, I doubt if I said anything of interest. It's the thought that counts, anyhow. I hope to hear from you soon.


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