Wednesday, October 24, 2012

June 18, 1934

June 18

Dear Fay:

Here I am in good old Cali doing nothing and not doing it much better than I did in Ogden. The change in climate was good for me, anyhow. And there is lots and lots of fresh fruit to be eaten for nothing. I guess that I could be in a worse place.

How is the old hip? I'll bet that you have given up and gone back to dancing by now. I'll admit that you should do something about that case of nerves before you chew all of the corners off your mother's newest deck of cards or something. i was scared for my underwear! I've seen these shows where some nervous dame starts to unravelling them.

I guess that you have something to do most of the time, anyway - picture shows or something.  There isn't even a picture show in this burg. The only amusement here was a strike that the fruit workers staged. We had Reds and bums and A.F.  of L. workers and everybody else out of work down here for the free meals. The fruit men lost plenty of money because of these strikers.

So far here have been no deaths due to the fighting and that is something. There are deputies and regular cops around here by the hundreds with everything from machine guns to gas bombs as armament. That doesn't sound as if I should be having such a dull time does it? The truth is that it is not as interesting as it sounds. I have read magazines by the score, done a house cleaning, walked for miles, and developed into a very accomplished loafer - all inside of a week. Oh, yes, I drove Aunt (Mrs. Wilkin to you) down to Oakland last week. I went to visit the C.U. and took in a picture sure (with vaudavill (how the h--- do you spell it?))

This is certainly a great country. I wish that you could see it. I'm sure that you would like it. I am in love with Calif as a state. That is, I like all of it. If I'm lucky, this is where I'll come to live when I'm out of college.

To get back down to earth however, if I don't get a job inside of the next two days I am coming home. There is no use in just wasting my time like this - not that my time is valuable, but there are things that I can do elsewhere.

Well, as I am running short of paper, if not of time, I guess I'll have to close. I'll be thinking of you until I hear from you or see you again.

With lots of love,

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