Tuesday, September 11, 2012

April 23, 1933

803 Fremont St
Laramie, Wyo.
April 23

Dear Fay:

You made a dirty crack about me not writing you, so I thought I would write one just to spite you.

I didn't see you on Sunday for several reasons - not the usual ones. In fact, I didn't get soused during my whole sojourn.  Dorseys were up to the house - they drove up in their Ford. Going home they had a wreck and my mother went down to Salt Lake to take care of them. We had a lot of second hand excitement.

I had a swell time at home, but I would have liked to have had more time there. I probably won't be home again until the end of the quarter - if then. There is a possibility that I may go to camp after school is out.

I'll be glad when this quarter is over and i can do something besides study.  Guess what.

I suppose that you are doing nothing as usual. Just going through the same old school day with maybe a dance at the end of it.

And I don't think you can tell character by writing. My character couldn't be this bad. (A slight pause while you slip in a compliment.)

Today and yesterday we had been having snow fights here. It snowed me in the last six days than it has during the whole winter up to now. It has all melted off now, though, and we are now wading in mud a foot deep. Good old Laramie!

If my grammatical structures begin to get complicated, you may buy that it is the fact that I have been writing English all day long. I wrote three book reports today.

My room-mates say to tell you that you are still the object of their affections, and they have made a joint request for you to send me one of your high-school pictures! One of these rascals is a regular shriek. He has always wanted you to write to him as he likes your picture. You might drop him a card. His name is William Bouns. Tell him 'hello' for me - we may not be on speaking terms or something.

Aside from the bologny - which was by request - I think you're pretty nice, so don' t let any of those shrieks do anything that I wouldn't do.

Tell Glenn L 'hello' for me. He'll be glad to hear from me I'm sure.  did he give you _____? Like a lot of other things, people's opinions are not worth as much to me as they once were, so I do advise you to lte him have a good time. His favorite pastime was always in bauling people out.

Well, tell the folks "hello" and tell Edith to keep her hair straight.


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  1. Funny! I wish I knew the backstory.