Friday, September 7, 2012

September 13, 1932

[On a small postcard.... in upper right corner: Mens Residence Hall, U of Wyo. Laramie, Wyo.]

Dear Fay,

I suppose you thought that I wouldn't write for a month. This will come as a surprise then. I'm just getting acquainted here - sure are a lot of nice fellows aqui. I went to a dance last night. A kind of get together dance for the freshmen. I sure like the U. here. The dorm is swell. (The next few sentences are dictated  by a new pal - it'll be a variation.)

--And speaking of "swell", I've just  the "swellest" guy who has the greatest conception of himself of anyone I ever met - (including Pat!) Oh hell! Write it yourself~ She's your girl.--

It took us a long time to agree on that letter. The "new pal" was going to say "swell girl" but I thought I'd spare your feelings. I haven't got a thing into this letter, but I'll write you a real one if you answer this. Just wrote to say "hello" anyway.

Loves and Kisses---- xx

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