Friday, September 14, 2012

May 10, 1933

803 Fremont St
Laramie, Wyo.
May 10

Dear Fay:

How do you like the passionate letter paper? [It's pink.] I suppose that you have summer there by now, and everybody is happy. We just finished having a two-inch snow about an hour ago. It is almost gone now. Other than the weather however, I and all the other heathen here are all right.

The "heathen" and I want to thank you for favoring us with the picture. I think its a good one of you. I am afraid that your effigy (picture to you) gets shocked once in a while here, though.

I should by all laws of etiquette or however you spell it, have written sooner, but I haven't had much time for letter writing this week. Once in a while you have to study up here.

My mother is coming up here. I don't know how long she will stay. She is coming up tomorrow at noon so as to see the "Elijah" the we are putting on up here. I am playing a flute in the orchestra. We also have an R.O.T.C. inspection tomorrow and Friday.

I guess this quarter will end on the 5th of June for me. I'll be darned glad to get home. I'm sick and tired of studying. Besides regular class studies, I have read six outside books and reported on them, and I am on two more now. These last two are hot ones - one is on anthology, if you know what that is, the other is on psychology. It's all brain food.

When is graduation in high school. I should know but I have forgotten. I should like to see it if I had the chance - probably won't have the chance.

Well I have to go to class now. That's the trouble with this college - too many classes. I'll be glad to see you when the struggle here is all over.


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